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  • Subscription Series
  • Subscription Series

A Starry Sky of Masterpieces

Our subscribers and supporters know that we make a practice of curbing our insatiable appetite for novelty by finishing many of our programs with a work of the highest rank and reputation. This is not a matter of taking refuge in popularity, because these are works whose fame is fed by their lasting worth and appeal. Our purpose in designing many of our programs in this way is simply to ensure that the Australia Ensemble’s audience – one of the best audiences in the world, as observant visitors have confirmed on a number of occasions – leaves Clancy Auditorium with a warmly reawakened understanding of why its members love chamber music.  arrow Read more

Australia Ensemble - A Class Of Its Own

For over thirty years The Australia Ensemble @UNSW, has been enthralling audiences around the world with a brand of chamber music that places modern Australian compositions alongside those of Mozart and Bach. In addition to its subscription series the Ensemble performs free lunchtime concerts and workshops at the University.

Surrealist Dreams and Sydney Harbour Anecdotes

The Australia Ensemble at UNSW is combining with mezzo-soprano Fiona Campbell (Opera Australia, Australian Chamber Orchestra) and dancer Connor Dowling (Sydney Dance Company/Australian Ballet) to bring to life works by Arnold Schoenberg and Sydney's Barry Conyngham.